"When all else fails, don't."
Birth from death.

My name is Golgotha.
I was once nothing but the earth covered in the blood of crimes.
Cursed with sins results and consequence.

But, by sheer grace, this is no more.
For the greatest of all, the perfect, the God of the universe died so that Love could flow down to me and cleanse me.
The breath of Infinity now fills me,
The ash of sin removed and forever negated.
Let my voice be filled with that Love to give for the rest.

My name is Golgotha and I am redeemed.

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Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice
they dont make em like they used to..

its actually Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice

S.H.A.R.P. not S.A.R.P.

#lake #life #love #trekking #God #hope

#lake #life #love #trekking #God #hope

Oh Pangea, what have you done….



media hypocrisy 


media hypocrisy 

There are a few different issues that a criminal act like this brings up, but before I get into them it’s necessary to make one thing clear: If you deliberately seek out any of these images, you are directly participating in the violation not just of numerous women’s privacy but also of their bodies. These images - which I have not seen and which I will not look for - are intimate, private moments belonging only to the people who appear in them and who they have invited to see them. To have those moments stolen and broadcast to the world is an egregious act of psychic violence which constitutes a form of assault.

The people sharing these images are perpetuating an ongoing assault. The people gleefully looking at them are witnessing and enjoying an ongoing assault. When you have been asked by victims of a crime like this not to exacerbate the pain of that crime and you continue to do so anyway, you are consciously deciding that your enjoyment, your rights and perhaps even just your curiosity are more important than the safety and dignity of the people you’re exploiting. That out of the way, let’s get a few other things straight.

I’m sorry we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants.
Anne Hathaway (via heart-breakwarfare)